Cookies Policy

What are cookies

Cookies are information stored on the hard disk of the user terminal; they are sent by the user browser to a web server and they referred to network use. For this reason, they allow to know the services, the sites and the options chosen browsing the internet. In other words, cookies are small files containing letters and numbers, which are downloaded into the user computer or mobile device while visiting a website. Cookies are sent back to the original website, once the user visit it again, or to another one that recognises them. Cookies give benefits to the website because they allow to identify the user device.

This information is not provided spontaneously and directly, but it leaves a record of the user browsing in the network.

Cookies perform different functions, in fact they allow to navigate efficiently through pages and to remember user preferences, improving his experience more in general.

They may also contribute to ensure that advertisements shown during navigation are interesting for the user, and marketing activities are in accordance with his preferences, avoiding sales promotions differing from his interests.

While browsing a website, the user may receive on his terminal also cookies sent by different website or webserver (which are called “third-party”), which may contain some elements (as imagines, maps, sounds, link to pages of other domains) present on the website he is visiting.

Cookies could be as follow:

  1. Direct cookies, which are sent by a website directly to the user device.This site does not use direct profiling cookies, but technical cookies only (please see below).
  2. Third-party cookies, coming from a third-party but sent on our behalf. This website uses third-party cookies to facilitate the website analysis and its use (as better described below).

Furthermore, in accordance to cookies using purpose, they can be divided as follow:

  1. Technical cookies: they allow the transmission of communication into an electronic communication network, or to provide a service specifically requested by the customer. They will not be used for any other purposes.Technical cookies, whose use does not require user consent, are as follow:
    1. Navigation or session cookies: they guarantee the normal navigation and use of the website (for example: to log in into the private areas). The use of these cookies (that are not permanently stored on the user device and are automatically deleted after the browser closure) is strictly limited to the session identifiers transmission (consisted of random numbers generated by the server), necessary to allow a safe and efficient browsing.
    2. Analytics cookie: used only to collect information on the users number that visit the website and how they visit it.
    3. Functionality cookie: allow the user to browse in accordance to some selected criteria (for example: language or services to which the user is subscribed to) to improve the service provided.
  2. Cookie profiling: used to create profiles related to the user and to send focused promotional messages on the base of the preferences shown during the browsing, these cookies can be used only with the user consent.

How Cookies are used in this website

How Cookies are used in this website and by third-party is explained here below:

  1. Know continuously the visitors total number, the browsers types (for example Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer / Microsoft Edge) and the operative systems used (for example Windows or Macintosh);
  2. Monitor the website performances, how it is used by the users, and improve the functions.

Cookies categories we use and how they can be managed by the user

Cookies used can be classified in one of the categories indicated below:

Website essential cookies (session or navigation cookies).
These cookies are essential for a correct browsing and to use the website functioning. These cookies does not collect neither personal information for marketing purposes nor stored the visited websites. The use of these cookies (that are not permanently stored on the user device and automatically deleted with the browser closure) is strictly limited to the session identifiers transmission (composed of random numbers generated by the server), necessary to allow a safe and efficient browsing. This type of cookies cannot be deactivated.

Direct cookies
These cookies allow to remember the choices selected (as the username, the language, the geographical position) and to provide improved and customised functions. The information collected by these cookies can be made anonymous and do not keep track of the browsing activities on other websites. This type of cookies cannot be deactivated.

Cookie analytics and third-party advertisement
These cookies, also known as cache cookies, are set by Google Analytics and used to collect information on how users use the website, even the visitors number, the websites previously browsed and the pages visited on our website. We use this information to fill out reports and improve our website; this allow, for example, to know some errors noticed by the users and guarantee an immediate browsing in order to find what they are looking for. In general, these cookies are saved on the user PC, until they are deleted.

In the same way, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube might use cookies for the sharing of social network contents or the access statistics processing. Maroso does not use cookies for user profiling.
On Maroso website is installed Facebook Pixel cookie, that allows Maroso to monitor the conversions on his website as result of his advertisement on Facebook. For example, to monitor subscriptions to a specific campaign on Facebook, the cookie transmits to Facebook a user subscription to a specific campaign on Maroso website. Facebook compares the conversion event with the group of people to which the advertisement has been shown or that clicked on it, in order to provide to Maroso the information that allow him to understand the return concerning the investment made for the marketing campaign.
Maroso does not use this cookie for profiling activities but for statistical purposes only.
Third-party might use this information, combining it with others already available for purposes that are different from the technical ones (functionality or session), prior user consent. For more information, enter the links of Privacy Policy of the single third-party and manage your options follow the links on the column beside and/or set your browser as below.

Google Analytic privacy policy cookie
AddThis privacy policy cookie
Facebook privacy policy cookie
Twitter privacy policy cookie
Google+ privacy policy cookie
Youtube privacy policy cookie
Facebook Connect privacy policy cookie
Facebook Pixel privacy policy cookie
Google Adwords privacy policy cookie

How to manage or delete cookies

By choosing to refuse cookies, the user might not be able to use all the website functions.
It is possible to block cookies following the instructions provided by the browser (more in general they are present in the menu “Help”, “Tools” or “Modify”). Cookies or cookies category deactivation does not eliminate them from the browser, therefore this operation should be carried out directly in the browser.
If you want delete, disable or restore cookies on the computer, you can use the cookie configuration pages made available by any third-party content providers, or through the user browser options.

Here below , an instruction list to manage cookies, regarding the most common browser:

If you are using a mobile device, you should refer to its instruction manual to find out how to manage cookies.

Previously set Cookies

If the user deactivated one or more cookies, we will be able to use the information collected before the deactivation carried out through the preferences. However, from this moment on, we will stop using the deactivated cookies to collect further information.

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